Withings is a stylist wearable that tracks Running, Cycling and Steps. Withings does not track Swimming distance, so Moves+ is unable to award points for Swimming on a Withings device.


What does Withings Track?

  • Running 
  • Cycling 
  • Steps 
Note: Though Swimming can be tracked on Withings, the tracker doesn’t record any distance data which Moves+ needs to process your activity. Therefore you cannot earn points for Swimming on a Withings device. 
Top Tips
  1. When tracking an activity on your wearable you maybe prompted to open the Withings app for ‘advanced tracking.’ If you do not open the Withings App it is likely your activity will not be tracked correctly with GPS and you will lose points.  
  2. Before manually syncing with Moves+ ensure that your Withings wearable has synced with the Withings App
  3. You can find more help with your Withings here. 


Please bear in mind the following reasons for discrepancies in points on Moves+ compared to your Withings app.

  • You may be awarded your ‘actual’ activity data by Moves+ rather than your ‘perceived’ data as shown on your Withings app. You can read more about this here
  • Ensure you are logging runs and bike rides with a distance associated. We cannot provide points if there is not a distance associated, and similarly will not provide points for manually added activities. Read more about the activities we provide points for here.

If you are concerned that the number of points you are receiving is vastly different to those shown on your Withings app and it is not explained by the above, please contact your institution administrator.


GPS Troubleshooting

In order for a Withings activity to be successfully processed by Moves+ Any activity must have complete GPS data. If your GPS drops out then no distance data will be able for Moves+ to process. Below shows the where GPS is both unsuccessful and successful. 

No GPS Data read 

GPS Dropped out during activity

Successfully tracked activity via GPS

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