Apple Health

Apple Health is native to all iOS phones. Apple Health will automatically track your steps. User will need an Apple Watch to track Cycling, Swimming and Running


What does Apple Health Track?

  • Running (Apple Watch only)
  • Cycling (with Apple Watch only)
  • Steps 
  • Swimming (with Apple Watch only) 
Top Tips 
  1. You can connect Strava to Apple Health to track any running, cycling and swimming if you do not have an Apple Watch
  2. When you connect with Apple Health every time you open Moves+ your activity will be automatically synced 


As with all trackers, there can sometimes be discrepancies with the number of points you see on your tracker or app and those awarded by Moves+

Please read the below guidance if you experience any issues:

  • Keep your tracker connected and check whether the points level out after a couple of days. You may find that when you first open the app there are some differences in the number of points but that these become more accurate later on.
  • If you wear an Apple Health watch, please be aware that you might be awarded your ‘actual’ activity data by Moves+ rather than your ‘perceived’ data as shown by Apple. Read more about that here.
  • Read the information in the Daily and Recent Activity section of this webpage. 

If you are concerned that the number of points you are receiving is vastly different to those shown on your Apple Health app and it is not explained by the above, please contact your institution administrator.


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