Google Fit

Getting Started 

  1. Make sure you have Google Fit downloaded on your phone
  2. Ensure that you grant Moves+ all requested permissions when connecting Google Fit, otherwise your activity will not be read
  3.  Check your Google Fit settings are auto-tracking your activity

What does Google Fit Track?

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Steps
  • Swimming
Top Tips 
  1. Ensure you have the Google Fit App downloaded on your phone to track your activity
  2. If you have multiple Gmail or Google Accounts, ensure the one connected to Google Fit is the one you connect to with Moves+
  3. Double check that Account Sync between Google Fit and your Google Account is enabled and automatic
  4.  We do not recommend connecting additional trackers or wearables to your Google Account, such as Garmin. Moves+ cannot guarantee this data will be read correctly, if at all.

Turn on Account Sync

  1. Navigate to your phone settings 
  2. Find your Google Account Settings 
  3. Find account linked to Moves
  4. Turn on Sync


Turn on Automatic Tracking

  1. Go to Settings in Google Fit App 
  2. Scroll to Tracking Preferences 
  3. Ensure ‘Track your activities’ is toggled on 

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