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Getting started with Flow

Facilities are the venues that make up your business.

Helpful definitions & tips

  • Machines are point of sale/PC's that will login to Flow – i.e., Till A, Till B
  • Resources are the locations that make up your facility – i.e., a sports hall, swimming pool or Studio A


Staff & Permissions

Staff are your Front of house, Managers or Admin users of Flow. Permissions are the access that you give each role.

Helpful definitions & tips

  • When creating a new role, you can choose to give users with this role access to all or a selection of modules.


Quick buttons

Quick buttons live on your Front of House dashboard and can be sold alongside bookings or as standalone items. Quick button examples might be Food and Drink items.

Helpful definitions & tips

  • Once you have created your quick button layout, don't forget to go and manage your layout.
  • You can add folders to your quick button layout to categorise your items to make life easier for your users - i.e., Food items can live under a Food folder



The powerful activities module allows you to create templates and schedules for your ad-hoc, class and fast ticket activities.

You can create different types of activities within Flow:

Ad-hoc - customer booking a resource e.g., booking tennis court for 45 mins

Class - Scheduled class session e.g., Zumba

Fast ticket - multiple tickets e.g., family of 4 booking a swimming session together in one transaction


Front of house

Front of house is the key area that your front of house users will be day to day. This area gives your users the ability to search for customers, make bookings and take payments.

Helpful definitions & tips

  • Can't see any quick buttons, check out our article here.



The memberships module allows you to create and manage the memberships available to your customers and eligibility approvals.

Helpful definitions & tips

  • A membership group is a high-level grouping of multiple memberships. For example, a student membership group could house your Peak and Off-Peak Student membership types.
  • You don't need to create a membership type per pricing type. A single membership type can have multiple pricing options such as DD and Paid in Full.


Eligibility management

Our Eligibility Management module allows you to configure eligibility criteria for memberships, accept documents and approve submissions on behalf of customers.

Helpful definitions & tips

  • Eligibility approval is manual process whereby a member of staff can view, accept, and reject documents submitted by customers.
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