How to create an ad-hoc activity template?


In this guide we will show you how to create an ad-hoc activity template that can be replicated time and time again to schedule activities such as badminton or squash.

In this example, we will create a 60-minute Squash activity template.

Before we start:

  • Have you created an Activity Category for this activity? If yes, continue to step 1, if no, check out our How do I create an activity category guide here.
  • Have you created a pricing option for this activity? If yes, continue to step 1, if no, check out our 'How to create a booking pricing option' guide here.

Step by step Guide

1. From the home page, go to the Activities module.


2. Go the Templates section.


3. Click Create Ad-Hoc Template.


4. Enter a Reference and click Create - this is an internal-only name for this activity template.


5. Complete the fields on the General tab:

  • Display name - A customer friendly name for the activity.
  • Activity category - A top level group for this activity type - i.e. Squash would also include the Squash (40 minutes) activity schedule. Learn How to Create an Activity Category here.
  • Pricing option - A pricing option that for this activity that decides how much your customers are charged. Learn How to Create a Booking pricing option here.
  • Tags (Optional)

Default settings - these settings can be overwritten when configuring each schedule using this template.

  • Spaces - The default number of spaces per activity.
  • Activity duration - The default duration per activity.
  • Setup duration - The default setup duration prior the activity i.e. how long does it take you set up any equipment for this activity?
  • Teardown duration - The default teardown duration after the activity i.e. how long does it take you teardown any equipment for this activity?


6. Click the Update button.

7. Complete the fields on the Booking & Access tab:


  • Default availability - The default availability for this booking i.e. Online and Offline means the activity can be booked via FOH and the customer bookings app.
  • Allow activities created with this template to overlap other ad-hoc activities until booked - Ticking this box allows you to schedule multiple schedules in the same location and time and will allow customers to book into either until either session is booked i.e. you can schedule badminton and squash in Court 1, customers can make a booking to badminton and the squash booking will no longer be available. Make sure that the amount of space available is the same for each schedule you create from this template.
  • Allow customers to book activities created with this template at the same time as other bookings - Ticking this box allows customers to book into multiple activities at the same time as this one i.e. a customer can book into squash at 1pm and their child into a creche booking at the same time.
    PLEASE NOTE: In order for this setting to work, the activities you want to overlap need to be sitting under different categories or subcategories.
    For example: If you have a 'Racket Sports' Category and have 2 activities you wish to overlap that are both in that category (e.g., Tennis and Badminton), we would recommend that you use a Racket Sports as the Group (parent) Category and create a Tennis and a Badminton Category. Please refer to our Activity Category article.
  • Allow anonymous bookings - Ticking this box allow FOH to make bookings for customers without an account.
  • Pre-Booking notice - Here you can include any text you would like to show to the customer prior to them confirming the booking online.


  • Minutes before the activity starts that user can still access the facility to attend - This allows the customer to gain access to the facility via turnstiles prior to the start of the booking.
  • Minutes after the activity starts that user can still access the facility to attend - This allows the customer to gain access to the facility via turnstiles after the start of the booking.


8. Click the Update button again!

9. Confirm the penalties setting on the Advanced tab and click on the Update button.

  • No - if a customer cancels outside of the late cancellation period or does not attend will be subject to the global settings - Cancellation Cutoff Action & No-show penalty type.


10. Open Active - This will allow you to publish activities via Open Active

- Open Active enabled: Selecting Yes will enable this activity to be publish on Open Active Websites.

- Facility Type: Select the facility type this activity is booked in.

- Facility Setting: Select Indoor or Outdoor facility

- Accessibility information: Provide information on how certain disabilities can be supported.

- Accessibility Support: Specify the types of disabilities or impairments that can be supported at an event.


11. And the final step is to Publish your template. Find the template using the search bar and hit the green Publish button.




Next Step: Create an Adhoc Schedule




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