How to Bulk Freeze Memberships?


In this guide, we will show you how to bulk Freeze memberships.

For instance, if one of your facilities needed to close for a month, you might want to freeze all the memberships for that centre so that the members' monthly payments are suspended during this time. This bulk action tool means you can complete this in just a few steps as opposed to actioning each customer individually.

Step by Step Guide

1. From the Home page, go to the Bulk Actions Module


2. Go to Customer Memberships


3. Select the list you want to bulk freeze the Memberships for

If you haven't created a list yet, please refer to Bulk Actions - Create a new list 

- Created lists

A) From the Bulk Actions> Customer Membership page, go to 'My Lists' on the right.


B) Choose the list you want to do bulk Freeze memberships for to and click on 'view details'


Before selecting an action, make sure the data is correct as the actions may be irreversible.

C) Select Freeze Memberships from the Bulk Actions column on the right


D) Click on continue


E) Select the Applicable Freeze Type


F) Select a start date for the Freeze and the Freeze time period and click on Continue


G) Select a date for the action to run click on Continue


H) You can add a note (optional) then click on Save and Continue


I) Your bulk action is now complete



- Imported Lists

A) From the Bulk Action> Customer Memberships page, go to 'List Imports'


B) Click on 'View details' on the list you wish to action and follow the same steps as above for the created lists




N.B You can view a history of bulk actions via the following steps:

- From the Bulk Action page, go to Action Log


Any action past action will be displayed here


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