Intro to the Reporting Module


The reporting module is to give clients access to a rich amount of data, and the tools to ensure they can extract what is necessary for their operational needs.

The module focuses on giving information on 4 key areas of the system:

  • Memberships
  • Activities
  • Finance
  • Customers

The feature does not provide business intelligence, but rather the tools for clients to extrapolate the information required and perform their own analysis. There are tools provided to help this:

  • Query builder
  • Saved Filters
  • Grouping (different from saved groups)

Key Features

Report Distribution

  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Location: send files to a desired location
  • Scheduling: schedule reports to intern and external recipients. Schedule reports to an SFTP location
  • Report Access & User Groups: Restrict access to reports via staff roles or access groups within the reporting module.

Creating an Access Group

  • Create the group name, e.g. ‘finance staff’
  • Apply the restriction to the report itself, or use a staff role created in system config e.g. ‘finance staff’

Organising Reports

  • Create report folders to organise your reports. E.g you could create a ‘Finance’ folder to house all financial reports

Data Refresh

  • Each data source has a refresh rate and timestamp of the last refresh.


4G is a consultancy that aggregates data from across the sports and leisure industry. This is usually to show impact and also contingent on large scale funding and grants, e.g. Sport England, and other NGBs. This may be required as part of Lambeth’s funding.

If so they will need to contact 4Global for the SFTP credentials and setup the relevant 4G data sources. This won’t require any support of setup from OP.


Creating a Report

List vs Time:

  • List report: default report, providing all available fields from the data source. e.g. a list of all memberships on Flow
  • Time report: allows aggregation based on time. You can SUM or COUNT available fields based on a time conditional, such as ‘month’ ‘day’ ‘week’ e.g SUM activities by facility by month

Demo Example:

Bookings is a good example to demo. Can create one with a time and one with a list. The order to run through the steps would be

  1. Create a folder
  2. Create a time / list report using the ‘Booking’ datasource
  3. Create a filter
  4. Create a Saved Group
  5. Preview report
  6. Download Report as csv or xlsx
  7. Schedule report
  8. Restrict report by Access Group

Current Reports



Name Overview
Access (4Global) 4Global Data Source needs bespoke for reporting to 4Global. This is a ‘daily’ report.
ADDACS Amendments and Cancellations of Customers DD instruction (not valid for GC clients)
Aged Debtors Booking debt overdue, Late cancellation, Non-Attendance. (Future, membership debt)
ARRUD Removed on unpaid DD instructions (not usable by GC Clients)
AUDDIS Direct Debit Instructions Created (not usable for GC clients)
Audit Entries Key Actions logged for staff and customers. Bookings, orders, cancellations etc
Bookings Extensive detail against Activity Bookings
Bookings (4Global) 4Global Data Source needs bespoke for reporting to 4Global. This is a ‘daily’ report.
Courses (4Global) 4Global Data Source needs bespoke for reporting to 4Global. This is a ‘daily’ report.
Credits Report for any membership or booking credit applied or used across the system
Custom Questions Displays the questions and answers to all custom questions in Flow. These could relate to activities or memberships
Customer Freeze Data Detailed report on Customer Freezes
Customers Extensive details on the customer record
Direct Debit Collection Direct Debit Collection data source (not usable for GC clients)
End of Shift Reconciliation Sales and refunds against all sellable inventory at a facility
Expiring Memberships (Eligibility) Any memberships due to expire due to Eligibility requirements
Facilities Key information about the facilities (Venues)
Line Items Transactions as line items in centre
Locations (4Global) 4Global Data Source needs bespoke for reporting to 4Global. This is a ‘daily’ report.
Member Details (4Global) 4Global Data Source needs bespoke for reporting to 4Global. This is a ‘daily’ report.
Money Bags Not in use
Moves Badges Moves Badges earned
Moves Challenges Moves challenges and respective progress
Moves Daily User Activity Moves Activity completed daily
Moves Groups Moves groups, private and public
Moves Rewards Moves Rewards redeeded
Moves Surveys Moves survey questions and answers, by question dates
Moves Users List of Moves users and key information
Sites (4Global) 4Global Data Source needs bespoke for reporting to 4Global. This is a ‘daily’ report.
Till Transactions Not In use - transactions by shift and user
Transactions All transactions, online and offline with customer reference
Transaction Detail Detailed report on FOH transactions including shift number and workstation
Usage Usage related to all activity bookings

Proposed Reports

The following reports are suggested to be setup with a client as part of their onboarding, with follow-up training after they go live. This will help to tailor our support after they get an accurate idea of what the data sources provide.

Each report has a sample which can be shared with clients as part of the their training to ensure they are aware of what data is available per report.


Proposed Reports for a new client

  • Facilities

  • Bookings

  • Memberships

  • Customers

  • Usage

  • Transactions

  • End of Shift Reconciliation

  • Freezes

  • Credits

  • Custom Questions

  • Aged Debtors

  • Eligibility Expiry

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