Intro to Data Sources


In this guide, we will show you how understand Data Sources in the Reporting Module. For example: the Usage Data Source will enable you to generate a Usage Report across your facilities.


Step by Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to the Reporting Module


2. With your mouse, hover on the left column and select 'Data Sources'




We have 8 Data source folders including Financial, Customers, Bookings, etc...


Each of these Data source folders have an extensive list of Data sources. For example, the Financial Data source folder includes 11 data sources such as Transactions, Direct Debit Collections, etc...



Each Data source will display the following information:

- Refresh Frequency

The frequency as to which the Data source is updated (once an hour, 4 times a day, etc...)

- Reports Using

This shows how many reports are being generated using this particular Data source

- Refresh Status

This shows the date and time of the last successful data source refresh. If this shows as failed, please get in touch on

- Actions/Details

When you click on Details, it shows you all the data fields used in the Data source. These data fields will be available within any reports built on top of this data source.



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