How to create a report?



In this guide, we will show you how to create a report in the reporting module.

You can create a variety of reports to extract various information and filter reports to get specific details by using the query builder.  For this guide, we will be creating a booking report for all bookings over the last week. 


Video guide 


Step by Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to the reporting module.

2. On the Left hand side, select 'Reports'.


3. Scroll down and click on 'Create New Report'.

  • Type the name of the report 
  • Choose the data which the report will be drawn from 
  • Choose the type of report (most reports tend to use the 'list' type, unless you are creating a report for time)
  • Write a description of the report
  • Global or Private. (Global means the report is visible to all - Private means it's only visible to you).
    Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 09.53.43.png


4. Select the 'Create' button.  

5. Filter your report using the 'query builder' 

Query builder allows you to filter your report to extract the data you need.
In this section, you can add rules and groups of rules to filter the results from the datasources on your report. For example, for a usage report, you may only wish to see the results for a particular age bracket, or for a particular facility. Once you've selected the field, you can choose how you want to filter out the values. e.g., Age equal 18, Age Greater than 18, etc...and enter the desired value.

- Click on Add Rule and fill in the details


Note, that on the top left corner above the rule, you have 'AND/OR'. This allow you to add several rules to the query. If you choose 'and' the results will be narrowed down to results that match EVERY rule.

For example, if you wanted that query to show any usage from anyone having an Adult Corporate Membership but only who pay monthly, click on AND then click on Preview on the bottom left corner.


If you wanted to filter by either one rule, or another, you would select OR instead and follow the same steps. For instance, if you wanted to filter a membership report by one centre or another.


Please note that you can also use the 'Add Group' Feature which is helpful when you want to group several rules in addition to another.

For example, you may want to filter your membership reports by the Member Status either suspended or cancelled but only from one specific centre.

You would then click on Add Group. Then select the Member Status field, select Equal and enter the first Member Status you wish to add (for example: Suspended). Then, within that group, click on Add rule and repeat the same steps.



Select OR in the top left corner, then click on Add Rule from the top right corner. Select Centre and Equal and enter the desired Centre name.


6. Choose the fields you would like to see on the report by selecting or deselecting the boxes on the 'field selector' 

7. On the bottom of the page, select the 'preview' button to view the report.


Please note that you can also schedule reports.

Please refer to our How to create a scheduled report article article.



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