How to assign Barcodes to existing Members?


In this guide, we will show you how to assign Barcodes to Members.

This functionality would be used in the event of a customer having lost their physical Membership Card and you had to replace it with a new one that had a new Barcode.

You would use the 'Assign Barcode' functionality if you have a scanner at the Front Desk. If not, you would use 'Manually Assign ID'.


Step by Step Guide

1. Make sure that you have already started a machine. Otherwise, the option to add the Barcode will not show.

2. Go to the Customer's profile.

3. Go to the Summary tab
4. Scroll down to the Identification section and click on 'Assign Barcode'/ 'Manually Assign ID'

5. Either scan the customer's membership card and enter the code manually.


6. If reusing a previously used Barcode, tick 'Reassign'



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