Intro to Customer Notes


In this guide, we will show you how to create and manage customer notes.

This feature allows staff to add notes to a customer’s profile via their FOH profile. These notes only display to staff, not the customers. They are also configurable by staff roles, which enables only certain staff with permission to view and add notes. The notes feature also sends email notifications to staff who participate in leaving notes.

For instance, a staff member may want to add a note on a customer account to flag them as a VIP customer to the other members of staff. Or simply make a note of a conversation with the customer to keep a log of it.


Step by step guide


1. Search for a customer


2. On the customer account page, click on the Notes tab on the far right


3. Add a note to a customer account

A) Create a new note

From the notes tab, enter your comment in the 'Leave a note' box and click on 'Save Note'.


B) Reply to an existing Note

Other staff members can reply to a note, to either mark an outstanding action as complete, or to update a colleague to help with a customer enquiry. Reply threads are set to only one tier deep.

Just add your comment in Leave a reply box and click on Reply.



C) Formatting of Notes

The notes section supports markdown, which allows users to format the text with the following:

    • list view

If you want to add a note in a list format, click on the bullet point icon

  • Screenshot_2022-09-15_at_14.20.23.png
    • numbered view

If you want to add a note in a numbered list format, click on the number point icon

  • Screenshot_2022-09-15_at_14.20.33.png

    • bold text

If you want your text in Bold, simply click on the B icon.

  • Screenshot_2022-09-15_at_14.20.11.png 
    • italic text

If you want your text in Italic, simply click on the I icon


    • callout

If you can also use the callout functionality. it can be handy if you wanted to include a quote from a customer's email.

Add your comment on the Leave a note box and click on the Callout symbol and click on Save.



    • hyperlinks

You can also hyperlink texts. For example, you wanted to link a child account to their parents.

Click on the link Icon and enter the link in the brackets and click on Save.





4) Notifications

Notes notifications allow staff to track the notes made against a customers profile. These are configured on a profile by profile basis, allowing staff to choose which ones specifically they wish to be notified about. These notifications will be received in a form of an email.



They can choose to be notified:

- On all comments

You will be notified for any notes added to this customer account, regardless of who added it.

- Only when participating

You will only be notified when someone is replying to your comment.

- Never

You will never be notified even if someone is responding to your comment


With the inclusion of the notes feature, when a member of staff is notified by email, that template is now configurable within the notification section under the name new_comment

A) From the home page, go to System Configuration


B) Go to Notifications


C) Go to Email Templates.


D) If you haven't already, you will need to create the email template for it. You'll be able to configure its content from there.



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