How to configure your Credit Settings?


In this guide, we will show to configure your credit settings.


There are 2 to configure:

  • Enable the Credits feature
  • Limit for a manual credit

Please note: Once you have enabled the credit feature, you will not be able to reverse it as. Disabling its functionality won't have any impact especially if customers have already been given credits.


Step by Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to System Configuration


2. Go to Settings


3. Go to Manage Settings


4. From the category drop-down, select 'Credit' and click on 'Search'.


5. Click on Edit next to the 'Enable the Credits feature' setting and select 'Yes' or 'No' and click on 'Save'.


This functionality will allow or prevent customers being able to pay online with credit.

  • If set to yes, and the customer has credit on their account, they will be able to pay with credit.


  • If set to No, the customer will not be prompted to use their credit if even they have some on their account. They will however, be able to use it at Front of House.


6. Configure the 'Limit for a manual credit'.

This functionality will enable you to add a maximum value for a single manual credit. For example, if you cap the amount at £100, users will not be able to manually add a higher amount credit on a customer account.



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