How to create a Fast Ticket Schedule?


In this guide we will show you how to create a Fast Ticket Schedule. Fast Tickets are best used when creating an activity where customers can book multiple tickets in one booking e.g., a customer can book an adult and child swim session on the same booking.

Before you proceed, please ensure you have created a Fast Ticket Template and Fast Ticket Pricing Option for this schedule.

Video walkthrough

Step by step guide


  1. From the home page, go to the Activities module.

  1. Go to the Schedules section.

  1. Choose the Facility, Resource and Template using the drop-down menus to create your new activity schedule with, then hit Create New Schedule.

Did you select the wrong Facility or Template? Just hit the Clear button and follow step 3 again.


  1. Complete the fields on the Location & Access tab:
  • Location - The resource(s) that the activity is to be held in i.e., Studio 1.

  • Override the location name displayed when booking (optional) - This allows you to name a resource it's locally known name such as Left-Hand Side of the Hall.

  • Availability - This will hold the default value from the Default availability field in the template. Online and offline means the activity can be booked via FOH and the customer bookings app.

  • Spaces - This will hold the default value from the Spaces field in the template. You can choose how many spaces can be book online and offline (FOH)

  • The Access fields will also hold the default value in the corresponding fields in the template:

  • Minutes before the activity starts that user can still access the facility to attend - This allows the customer to gain access to the facility via turnstiles prior to the start of the booking.

  • Minutes after the activity starts that user can still access the facility to attend - This allows the customer to gain access to the facility via turnstiles after the start of the booking.

  • Max Number of Bookable Spaces Per Customer at FOH or Online: The maximum amount of ticket a customer can book per booking.


    5. Complete the fields on the Advance Booking Tab
  • Advance Booking- choose how far in advance customers can make a booking on FOH or Online depending on the membership status of the customer.
  • Advance Booking Cut-off- Choose the cut-off date for making this booking

6. Complete fields on the Timetable tab

  • Schedule Start & End Date: choose when you want your schedule to start and end. if you don't have an end date leave it blank.
  • Recurrence: Choose the date and times you would like your schedule to run on a recurring basis.

7. Add custom questions in the Custom tab. write questions that you would like to ask customers when they are making a booking. E.g., How old are you?

8. Choose the type of tickets and extras that can be booked via the ticket tab

9. Click the 'create' button at the bottom of the page

10. Preview your schedule

11. Remember to 'Publish' your schedule for customers to book.


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