How to create an Eligibility Document Type?


This guide will show you how to create a document type for membership concessions.

Document types are Eligibility proof documents that customers need to provide in order to purchase certain discounted memberships.

For example, for student membership, you may require a student ID, for a Corporate Membership, an employee from a certain company, etc...

This is the first step when setting up eligibility criteria.

Video walkthrough

Step by step guide


  1. From the home page, select the 'Memberships' module


  2. Select 'Eligibility Management' option.


  3. Select 'Document Types' to create the document that is required for eligibility to be approved.


  4. Select the 'Add Document Type' button



  5. Fill in the required fields

    • Name: Name of the document e.g. Student ID.
    • Description: This is optional, you can write a description explaining criteria of the document type.
    • Expiry period: Set how long this document is valid for.
    • Expiry warning: Set a timeframe to remind customers that their documents are about to expire.
    • Active button: Tick this box to keep this document type active to use.


     6. Click the 'Create' button to complete setting up your document type


Next steps

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