How to Create a new Setting Group?



This article will show you how to create a setting group.

This functionality will allow you to configure certain settings for a specific group of facilities rather than Globally or for just one Specific facility.

For example, you may want to apply the Max amount of bookings setting a group of gym operate the same way.

N.B: Please note that once you have created a Setting Group, it cannot be deleted.

Video Walkthrough


Step by Step Guide

Home> System Configuration> Settings> Setting Group > Create New setting Group

  1. From the home page select the 'system configuration' module


  2. Select 'Settings' button


  3. Click on 'Setting Group'




    - Create New Setting Group

  4. Click on Create New Setting Group on the bottom left corner


    Add the name of the new Facility Setting Group, Select the Facility and click on Create


    You can then reorder the facilities by dragging them


    If you need to modify an existing Setting Group:

    - Edit Setting Group

    Click on Edit on the group you wish to modify and add/remove the desired facilities to/from the group and click on Save






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