Intro to Big Bag Management


This guide will show you how to move cash and cheques off-site for collection. You first need to close your till/shift and include the Small Bag number when cashing up.


Step by step guide

Manage money bags used when depositing money off site

  • Unassigned Small Bags

1. Go to Front of house


2. Go to Big Bag Management


3. Go to Unassigned Small bags


4.  Select the small bag you wish to manage and select either Create Big Bag or Assign To Open Bag

A) Create Big Bag
a) Click on Create Big Bag



b) Click on Create Big Bag again

B) Assign To Open Bag

a) Click on Assign To Open Bag

b) Select Open Bag you wish to assign it to


c) Click on Assign


  • Big Bags

1. Go to Front of house


2. Go to Big Bag Management


3. Go to Big Bags



4. Click on Edit if you need to make any adjustments (i.e remove one of the small bags) and select the small bag you wish to remove.


6. Click on Remove Small Bags


7. If you're happy with the big bag content, click on 'Seal Bag'.

8. This will prompt you to confirm. Click ok if you are happy to proceed


9. Once the Bag is sealed, you can now click on Register Bag off site on the bottom left corner

Enter the collection reference and the Sealed bag number(s) (i.e., screenshot below)


6. Click on Register Offsite and fill in the Collection reference and Sealed bag number that was collected. Click on Register Off-Site again.


7. You will see a pop up confirmation message on the top right corner of your screen.





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