How to add credit to a customer account?


This guide will show you how to add credit to a customer's account.

N.B: Once you have added a credit, you cannot remove it.


Video walkthrough


Step by step guide

  1. From the home page, go to the Customers module.

  2. Search for the customer you would like to add the credit to and click the view button.

  3. Select the 'Credit' tab to view credit summary


  4. Select the 'add credit' button

  5. Fill in the fields

  • General: A general credit applied to the customer's account that can be use to purchase various items such POS, Classes etc

  • Membership: Credit will be automatically redeemed against the customer's ongoing membership payment method until it has all been used up.

  • Home Centre: Choose the home centre that this credit is associated with when applying a general credit This can only be chosen if General is selected. If membership is selected, it automatically apply to the home centre.

  • Select membership to add Credit to: choose from list of memberships that the customer has.
    This can only be chosen if Membership is selected and if the customer has more than one membership on their account.

  • Reason for Credit: choose from a list of reasons for offering the credit, e.g. refund, good will gesture, payment correction etc. If adding a membership credit, it can only be redeemed against their Membership Direct Debit. General credit however, will not apply to a direct debit.


  • Enter the amount and click on the 'add credit' button to finish applying the credit




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