Intro to the Activity Roster & Booking Attendance


In this guide, we will show you how to view the class rosters, waiting list and booking attendance. This is for today's date only. You cannot edit the roster for dates in the past.


Step by Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to the Front of House module


2. Click on Dashboard


3. Start a machine

4. On the right hand side, click on the 'Classes' tab.


5. From the Classes tab, you can book a customer onto the class, view the roster and add a customer on the waiting list.

Book a customer onto the class (Please note that you can also book a class for the customer via the Bookings button)

a) Search for the customer.

b) Find the activity the customer wants to book

c) Click on 'Book'.

d) Click on 'Add to Order'.

e) Click on the customer's chosen payment method.

f) Click on Continue


g) Select how the customer wishes to get the receipt. If not applicable, select 'no receipt'.


Add customer onto the Waiting list

a) Search for the customer.

b) Find the activity the customer wants to be added onto and click on 'Join waitlist'. 


c) Click on 'Join Waitlist' again.


View Roster

a) Search for the activity you wish to view the roster for.



If you wish to view the roster for an activity that's already happened that day, click on 'show previous'. 


Mark customers as absent, Attended or cancel their booking.

a) Mark customers as 'Absent'.

By default, the customers will be marked as absent. Therefore, there is no action required.

b) Mark customers as 'attended'

From the 'change' dropdown, select 'Attended'.


N.B: you can download or print the roster. This will not include anyone on the waiting list. These customers will then be moved to the roster if/when another customer cancels.

c) Remove a customer from the waiting list

Select the Waitlist tab and click on 'Remove'.



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