How to change a membership online?


In this summary, we will show you how customers can change their membership online.


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Step by step guide

You will first need to enable 'Allow Membership change' on the membership itself from the advanced tab. See our 'Create a new Membership Type' article.




1. Customer will log into their customer account

2. Go to My Account


3. Go to Memberships


4. Click on Manage Membership below the membership you wish to change


5. Click on Change Membership



6. Choose membership/Select Type



7. Click on Save and Continue

8. Enter Payment details

9. Agree to T&Cs and click on Pay


Upgrading a membership

  • Customer can upgrade their membership online
  • There will be a pro-rata cost of the increased price, payable upfront. This will be different depending on the future start date
  • Their next applicable monthly payment will reflect the new price (typically the following month)







Downgrading a membership

  • Customer can downgrade a membership online
  • Any money owed, due to the decrease in membership fee will be added as membership credit to their account for future payments
  • Days in advance of a downgrade can be determined by a global setting [The minimum amount of days that a membership can downgrade](<>)
    This is typically used by clients to serve ‘notice’ of a downgrade. 




Change Membership Rules

  • A membership can be configured to allow:
    • Whether a membership change can be enabled / disabled
    • Whether that membership can be changed online, offline or both
    • Whether that membership can be upgraded to a higher price (online, offline, both)
    • Whether that membership can be upgraded to a lower price (online, offline, both)
  • If a customer changes from a membership that has a Month In Hand fee (MIH) to one that does not, that MIH fee will be carried over and given as membership credit, which subsequently is then added to the next applicable payment
  • If a customer changes from a membership that does not have a MIH to one that does, they will be required to pay the MIH fee as part of the change
  • If a customer changes to a membership that has eligibility requirements, they will follow the same process as purchasing a new membership and must upload documentation after the change
  • A membership can only be changed if in an ‘Active’ state. No changes can happen if they are pending, suspended, cancelled, or frozen.
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