How to create a standard membership type?


This guide will show you how to create a membership type. A membership type inherits the settings of the membership group, these settings are overridable, for flexible configuration.

Before we get started, have you created a membership group? if not, please refer to Create a membership group guide. If you have already created a membership group, please proceed below.


Step-by-step guide


  1. From the home page, select the membership module

  2. Select the 'membership type' tab

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Create New Membership' button


  4. Fill the fields

  • Name: Membership name
  • Friendly Name: The membership name the customer will see on the booking system.
  • Membership group: the group that this membership belongs to e.g. 'Adult Standard' membership belongs to the 'Adult' membership group
  • Membership Categories. You can several categories if you want the membership type to appear in several dropdowns.

5. Once created, click on Manage Settings, and fill in the fields on the General tab


Name, Friendly Name and Membership will automatically populate the details in you entered in the previous steps.

You can fill in the other fields (optional) and click on Update:

  • Active from: The first date you can purchase this membership
  • Active to: The last date to purchase this membership
  • Description: a description of what is included in this membership


6. Click then Payment Option tab to add the price of your membership


a. Click Create New payment option


b. Choose fix (yearly) or/and recurring (monthly) membership payment type.


c. Click the 'Create Payment' button

d. Tick yes, if you would like to publish this price for customers to book.

e. Add your membership and your joining fee price. If you haven't created a pricing option yet, please refer to our Create a membership pricing option article.

f. Click the save button to save the pricing


7. Click the Advanced tab


  • Membership benefits: additional benefits outside the membership package. E.g. Free Daily Rackets
  • Eligibility Criteria: the criteria a person has to meet to purchase this membership. E.g. a student member will need to provide a student ID card.
  • Mark as counted sale: This is mainly for accounting purposes, you might want to make a membership purchase counted as a sale.
  • Can membership be frozen?: choose whether this membership allows customers to freeze their membership for a period of time. Read more Applying a membership freeze
  • Month in Hand: if you wish to charge the last month of the membership at the time of purchase to prevent loss of revenue if the customer cancels their mandate at the bank. This is set to 'No' by default. However, if the Membership group has it set to 'Yes', any Membership Type you create under that group will have it set to 'Yes' also unless you manually change it.
  • Allow membership purchase: Choose where the customers can purchase their membership either front of house, online or both. You can also choose 'Not available' if you don't want the membership to be available for purchase just yet.
  • Membership coverage: Choose what centres are included as part of this membership. It can be 'Home Centre Only, Global, National or Area Groups.
  • Allow membership change: Tick the allow membership change box if you would like customers to change their membership and choose where they can change to a higher yield, lower yield or both.

8. Click the update button to confirm changes and complete setting up your membership type.

9. Publish your membership.



N.B: In order to make your memberships available online, please ensure that you have the 'Enable online joining' functionality set to 'yes' (System configuration>Manage Settings>Settings>search for Enable the Online Joining feature>Click on Edit>Select Yes>Save)

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