How to look Up Orders for a customer?


In this guide, we will show you how to look up an order for a customer. An order can be any purchase that have made at the Front of house or Online such as a membership, an activity booking, a POS item, a package, etc...


Step step guide


1. From the home page, go to the 'Front of House' module.



2. Go to 'Dashboard'.



3. Select 'Look up Order' located on top right of the screen



4. Search for the order by entering the order number in the search bar. The order number will be on the customers confirmation email and/or receipt.




Alternatively, you can look up a customer order directly on their account.

A) Search for the customer.

B) Click on the 'Orders' tab.


C) You can filter your search via the following criteria:

  • Search by order number or facility
  • Source (FOH or Online)
  • Status (Completed or All)
  • Date from
  • Date to

D) Click on 'Search'

Once you've located the order, click on view to see the details.


E) From here you can view the receipt and refund the customer if applicable.


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