How to create a new instructor?


This guide will show you how create a instructor to add to your class schedule.


Step by step guide

  1. From the home page, go to the ‘Activities’ module


  2. Select the ‘Instructor’ button


  3. Select the ‘create new instructor’ button


  4. Choose if the instructor is an external instructor (not on flow) or staff instructor.

    4a. For non-staff instructors, fill in the fields under the non-staff/ external instructor tab, adding their name and the facilities they have access to teach.


    4b. For staff instructors with a flow account, you will first need to Create a New Staff user then search their name under the ‘relates to existing staff member’


4c. Add what facilities the instructor has access to

4d. Select the ‘create’ button to complete setting up your instructor

Now you can add your instructor to a class schedule

What is the next step?

Create a class schedule

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