How to create Activity Restrictions


In this guide, we show you how to create a new restriction. For example, for some activities, you might want to require either an induction or an induction waiver for liability purposes for customers accessing a gym.


Step by step guide

  1. From the home page, go to the Activities module

  2. Go to Restrictions


  3. Click on Create New Restriction on the top right corner


  4. Select the type of restriction you want to add

    A) Pre-purchase Waiver
    Waiver to be provided before purchasing an activity/class (For example, an Induction Opt out waiver).

    B) Pre-purchase induction
    To attend an Induction prior to purchasing the activity/class.

    C) Post Purchase Waiver
    Waiver to be provided after purchasing an activity/class.

    D) Post purchase induction
    To attend an Induction after purchasing the activity/class.

    E) Enhance Pre-Purchase waiver by adding questions and a new section.

    Similar to the regular Pre-Purchase Waiver but you can add Sections (i.e., attendee details, equipment needed..) and Questions (i.e., Have you climbed before, Do you own a tennis racket...).
    These are for Fast Ticket Activities only

  5. Once you have chosen the Restriction type, fill in the details

  • Name
  • Type
  • Induction Activity Category (for inductions only - NOT Applicable to waivers)
  • Expires

6. Click on Create


7. If you want to create an pre/post purchase induction, you will also need to create the following:

- Induction Pricing Option

- Induction Activity Template

- Induction Activity Schedule

Please note that the induction activity template should be the same type as the activity you wish to create the induction for. For example, if you have a climbing activity you want customers to first do an induction, if the Climbing activity template is an adhoc one, then the Climbing Induction should also be adhoc.


Once you have created the Activity restriction, you will need to apply it to the to the Activity Pricing Option as well. i.e you've created a Climbing Induction, you will need to apply it to the Climbing Pricing Option.




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