Membership Statuses


In this guide, we will help you understand the different Membership statuses and what they mean.


Membership Statuses

Below are the list of membership statuses used in Flow to date. 

  • FUTURE (awaiting date start)
  • LAPSED (not applicable if you are a client on

1. Pending Memberships


There are a number of reasons why a Membership could be in the Pending status:


A) New customer has signed up for a membership but the AUDDIS File has not yet been processed (if client is using Access Pay) or the Mandate has not yet been activated (if client is using GoCardless)

When a customer signs up for a Membership, they do not automatically have the active status.
They might do if they paid in advance for the entire year and do not require to upload any eligibility documents.

Most customers will sign up for a monthly membership which will then involve a direct debit.

They will chose their Direct Debit date and pay a Pro-Rata amount until that date.


B) AUDDIS file ran but mandate failed (GC)/rejected (AccessPay) 

If the instruction is unresolved with the customer, the membership will become ‘cancelled’ if there is no valid payment method when a collection is attempted at their next collection.


C) When a customer needs to upload an eligibility document.

For example, if they are purchasing a student membership that has eligibility criterion assigned, they would need to upload a document proving their student status.


D) When a payment has failed & retries are still available - ARUDD in AccessPay/Payment failed in GC

If a payment fails, either because the customer has cancelled the Direct Debit from their bank or because of insufficient funds, the membership status will switch from Active to pending.


E) When a customer cancels but still has time left (Pending: Awaiting cancellation)


F) When a customer cancels at the bank but still has time left (ADDACS in AccessPay)


2. Future Memberships


This would happen when a customer buys a membership with a start date in the future as opposed to today's date. It will remain in the Future status until the Start date.


3. Provisional Memberships


This will happen when a customer starts the Membership purchase process online up to the basket point but has not paid yet.


Likewise, in FOH, when purchasing a membership for a customer and it's still in the basket but not paid for yet


4. Suspended Memberships

There are 2 reasons why a membership will move to the Suspended status.


A) If a customer has purchased a membership but failed to upload the eligibility document before the deadline.

Each client will have a set amount days after a membership is created in which a customer should upload the relative eligibility document. 


B) If a customer has uploaded the document but was rejected by FOH.


5. Cancelled Memberships

There are 2 reasons why a membership will move to the Cancelled status.


A) When a customer has cancelled their membership and it has passed the last day that it was paid until. 


B) If a customer has failed payments 

Each client have a set maximum number of times to retry taking payment. If they are unable to take payments from the customer, the membership will then be cancelled. If set to 2, after the first try, the membership will change to pending. After the second try, if still unsuccessful, it will move to Cancelled.


6. Active Memberships

There are 2 reasons why a membership will be on an Active status.


A) Fixed Memberships

- Membership paid in full for the year

- Eligibility doc (if required), was uploaded in time and was approved.


B) Recurring Membership (Monthly)

When customer has purchased a membership all the below conditions have been met

- Uploaded Eligibility document (when applicable)

- The AUDDIS file has been processed (AccessPay)

- Mandate has been activated (GC)

- Ongoing payments are successful


7. Frozen Memberships

When a customer has an Active Freeze on their membership


8. Expired Memberships

When customers who have purchased a paid in full membership as opposed to a monthly one and it has ended.

9. Lapsed Memberships

Used to be applied to legacy fixed memberships from membership import in another Flow environment instead of using 'Expired'. Status is no longer in use and does not apply to clients on the environment.


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