Intro to Customer Data Collection


This guide will assist you to manage your customer data field. This allows you to configure the data that is captured at various points when creating a customer record.  

There are 4 categories of data collection you can configure:

- Personal details

- Contact details

- Emergency contact details

- Additional details


Video Walkthrough 

Step by Step Guide

A) Customer Data Field Configuration


1. From the home page, go to the 'System configuration' module. Screenshot_2022-09-30_at_12.36.15.png

2. Click on the 'Data collection' button 


3. You can configure the data collection for Customer Account (online), Customer Account (customers module) and Membership Purchase. 

Whilst the fields themselves are not configurable, they can be toggled as:

  • Disabled
  • Optional
  • Required

However Flow requires at leastFirst NameLast NameandEmail Addressto create a customer record, therefore these are always REQUIRED

The following data fields can be toggled configured, apart from those in red:


Personal Details Contact Details Emergency Contact Details Additional Details
First Name Email Name Gender
Last Name Phone Number Phone Number Ethnic Background
DOB Address Relationship Disability
    Address Marketing Preferences


4. To select an option for each data field, click on the word disabled, optional or required. The word will change to blue with a tick to confirm your choice.  If the field is greyed out, it is not configurable. 

5. Once you've configured all your data field, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the 'Save Changes' button to confirm your changes. 


 Editing Details via FOH

FOH staff can also manage any form fields on behalf of the customer. The fields displayed will again be contingent on the configuration of the feature.


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