How to create a User Role?


In this guide will show you how to create a user role. User roles are used to define the level of accessibility a member of staff (or several) will have on the System. You can set a variety of user role e.g., Manager, duty manager, supervisor, receptionist.

For example, an Admin user will have access to all modules whilst a receptionist may only have access to the Front of House Module.


Step by step guide


  1. From the home page, select the system configuration module


  2. Select the Security section


  3. Click on ‘Create New Role


  4. Fill in the fields and click on 'Create'.
    Name: Name you want to give to the user role.
    Description: Brief description of what that role is.
    Modules role has access to: You can leave blank to give access to all add them individually as per the screenshot below.


  5. Once you have created the user role and assigned the modules, you can to set specific permissions per module to set the level of access a user role has i.e., you may want a receptionist to access to the Front of House module but not to be able to refund a customer.
    You can do so by following the steps in our Configure permissions per module for a user role article.


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