How to create a Quick Button Layout?


This article will show you how to create a quick button layout for quick and easy purchases in the front of house dashboard. (In order to create it, you will first need to create a Quick Button).

You can use the default Quick Button Layout or create a new out and name it something specific like 'cafe'

Once you’ve created your quick button, you will need to select the manage button to add the Button or a folder for your quick button e.g. your quick button is water, you can create a folder for ‘drinks’ to categorise your quick buttons.   



This article will cover steps 2-4 when creating a quick button. Follow the Create a quick button guide for step 1. 

  • Step 1: Create a Quick Button
  • Step 2: Create a Quick Button layout
  • Step 3: Manage Quick Button Layout
  • Step 4: Add the Quick Button to the layout

Step by step guide

System configuration> Quick buttons> Quick Buttons layout

  1. From the home page, select the 'system configuration' module.


  2. Select 'Quick buttons' option


  3. Select 'Quick Button Layouts'


4. Select the 'Create New Quick Button Layout' button 


5. Fill in the requested fields and select the 'create' button 

  • Name - Name of the quick button layout - i.e., Cafe or Front of house
  • Section - Choose Front of house
  • Setting group - Which setting group can use this quick button layout. Choose Global for all or one that you previously created.
  • Facilities - Which facilities can use this quick button layout. Leave blank if you want to assign it to a specific machine.


6. Select the 'manage' button on the quick button layout 


7. If you would like to create a folder for your quick button, select the 'Add New Folder' button. Alternatively, you can select the 'Add new Button' and select the quick button you created previously.  


8. Once, you created your folder and add your quick buttons, you can drag and drop your quick button into the folder you created, in the example below 'POS items' is the folder and Padlock and Swim goggles are added to this folder 


9. Once you've added your quick button layout and selected the facilities you wish to apply it to, it will automatically apply to all machines within said Facilities. However, if you left it blank it order to apply it to specific machine, you need to go to the facilities module and edit the facility's machine you would like to add this Quick Button Layout to. In the example below we are adding this quick button to one of the Ipswich facility's machine.   Screenshot_2022-03-04_at_16.32.19.png

10.  Edit the facility machine you would like to add the Quick Button Layout to


11. On the 'Override FOH Quick Button Layout' choose from the dropdown the quick button layout you created.  (You can ignore the Override POS one) and click on save.


When you log back to your dashboard and select that same machine, you will see your new Quick Button Layout instead of the default one.

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