How to create a Facility Resource?


This guide will show you how to create a facility resource.

A facility resource is a specific area of thefacility where an activity would take place. For example, a studio, tennis course, swimming pool...

First before we get started, have you created your facility? if no, go to Create a facility to create your facility. If you have created your facility, continue reading this guide to create your resource.

Video walkthrough


Step by step guide

1. Go to the Facilities module.


2. Find the relevant facility using the search bar and click Edit.


3. Click on the Resources tab.


4. Click Add new resource and complete the fields:

  • Parent - This is the parent resource of the one you are making. 
    • If you are creating a Resource that holds multiple resources (i.e. a Sports Hall that has multiple courts), choose the Facility as the Parent.
    • If you are creating a Resource that is a child of another resource (i.e. a court within the Sports Hall), then choose the Parent resource as the Parent.
  • Name - A customer friendly name for the resource you are creating.

In the example below we have created Squash Court 3 which is in the Squash Courts parent resource.




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