How to manage Access Control Points?


In this guide, we will show you how to manage your Access Control Points.
Access Control points are the entry/exit turnstiles through which members can gain access via a pin code, bar code, membership card, etc...Their Access is configured via the Access Control Rule Groups.


Step-by-Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to the Facilities Module


2. Go to Access Control


3. Go to Access Control Points


4. Click on 'Create New Access Control Points' on the top right corner


5. Fill in the details

- Facility

- Name

- Reference

- Gate Code

- Relay Code

- Rule Group

- Click on Create



6. Once created, you can search for them by Name or Reference, Facility and/or Rule Group and click on Edit if you wish to amend them.


Screenshot_2023-05-11_at_11.38.22.png           Screenshot_2022-07-18_at_10.34.37.png


Please note: You can only add one rule group per Access Control Point. If you re-create the same Access Control Point by just renaming it and add a different Rule Group, the rules added to that group will not grant access to customers. Only the rules in the Rule Group assigned to the first Access Control point you have created will apply.

For example:

Facility: 'London'

Original Access Control Point created: 'Front Desk Turnstile 1'

Relay code: 1

Gate Code: 1

Rule Group: Pre-paid bookings and Memberships

Example Rules included:

- All Memberships

- Group Exercise Pricing Option

- Mindfulness Pricing Option

Example Rule not included:

- Tennis


New Access Control Point created: 'Front Desk Turnstile 1 Tennis'

Facility: 'London'

Relay Code: 1

Gate Code: 1

Rule Group: Racket Sports

Rule Included:



Scenario 1

The customer has a membership or has a booking for a fitness class (group exercise).

Outcome: Access Granted


Scenario 2:

The customer does not have a membership but has booked a Tennis course.

Outcome: Access Denied

Reason: FLOW will only feed back the rules in the Rule Group assigned to the First Access Control Point (Front Desk Turnstile 1) and will ignore the 2nd one.


Please note: If you have several access points within a Facility, the same rule group should be applied to all of them. If you apply different Rule Groups within the same venue, this will cause problems and eligible customers won't be granted access.

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