How to create an Eligibility Criteria?


In this guide, we will show you how to create an Eligibility Criteria.

An eligibility criteria is a requirement to purchase certain types of discounted memberships.

For example, a criteria can be 'Student', 'NHS Staff', 'Civil Servant' etc..

When applied to a membership type, they will require customers to provide an Eligibility Proof document such as a student ID before the membership can become active (it will be pending until the document has been uploaded and change to 'Suspended' if the document is not uploaded within a the time frame configured in the 'Days after a membership is created in which a customer should upload the relative eligibility document' setting (see Membership Settings).


This is stage 3 of the setting up your eligibility Criteria.

Before we get started, have you you created your 'document type' and 'rejection reason'? If not, I would recommend you setting these up too.

Video walkthrough

Step by step guide

  1. From the home page, select the 'Memberships' module


  2. Select 'Eligibility Management' option


  3. Select 'Eligibility Criteria' option


  4. Select the 'Add New Eligibility Criterion' button


  5. Fill in the required field

    Name: The name of the eligibility criteria e.g. Military

    Description: state what is included in this military criteria, this is optional.

    Expiration Action: This is the action that will take place when the eligibility expires. E.g., when a military discount document expires, it cancels the membership.

    Accepted Documents: the documents that will be accepted to grant this membership access


Select the 'Create' button



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