How to Create & Apply a New Tax Option?


This guide will show you how to configure your tax options. We would suggest that you start with at least the following 3 standard tax options, but more can be added if appropriate for your business.

  • Standard Rate 20% (most things)
  • Reduced Rate 5%
  • Zero rate 0% (exempt)

To find more information on VAT rates, please visit our Government website

Step by step guide

  1. From the home page, go to the System Configuration module


  2. Select ‘Tax Option’ button


  3. Select ‘Create New Tax Option’ button


  4. Add the name of your tax and add the tax percentage


  5. Select the save button

  6. How to Apply the Tax Option

A) Apply the tax option to a Pricing Option

If you haven't created a Pricing Option yet, please refer to Pricing Option Types

Once you have created your pricing option, from the general tab, click on the drop down in the Tax Option Field on the right hand side, select the desired Tax policy/Tax option and click on Save.

You can also select 'inherit from facility' which will automatically apply the Facility's tax option by default/


B) Apply the Tax option to a facility

If you haven't created a Facility yet, please refer to Create a new facility

When you create your facility, click on the drop down menu under the tax option field and select the desired tax policy/tax option.

For example, if Facility A has a tax option set to X, X will be used when pricing options are purchased at facility A unless overridden at the pricing option level.




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