How to create Benefits?


This article will show you how to create a benefit. Benefits can be added to a booking Pricing Option for use when making bookings. For example, you may want customer to have free use of a creche weekly or daily locker.


Step by step guide

Before we start, please make sure that you have created a Booking Pricing Option or POS Pricing Option first (depending on the type of benefits you are creating).

  1. From the home page select the 'system configuration' module

  2. Select the 'Benefits' tab


  3. Select the 'Create New Benefit' button

  4. Fill in the below fields

    • Name: The name of the benefits
    • When should the benefits be available? choose when the benefits should be applied.
      • Whenever a user books in a centre included in their membership
      • When a user books
      • Whenever a user books in their home centre only
    • Description: write a description explaining what's included in the benefits.
    • Uses: choose how many usages is included in this benefits
    • Frequency: Choose the frequency of the usage e.g. per week, per month, per year
    • Applies to the following pricing options: Choose the pricing option that this benefit can be redeemed against.  


  5. Select the Save button to create your benefit.

Next Step: Apply a Benefit to a Membership

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