How to create a Point-of-Sale (POS) Pricing Option?


In this guide we will show you how to create POS Pricing Options. These can be used for items such as Drinks, Snacks, Swimming Goggles, etc...

POS pricing options are also available to be used as “Extras” for Fast Ticket Templates. For example, for a Fast Ticket Swimming activity, you can add extras such as Towel Hire, Locker Hire, Swimming Goggles, etc...

POS pricing options are available to purchase only via FOH and are usually assigned directly to a Quick Button. In this case the pricing option itself represents the product being purchased.


Video walkthrough


Step by step guide


  1. From the home screen, select 'Pricing Option' Tab


  2. Select the 'Pricing Option' tab again


  1. Select 'Create Pricing Option' on the top right of the page create_New_Pricing_Option.png

  2. Fill in the fields for your Pricing Option and click on 'create'.

  • Reference: Unique reference to identify this pricing option. An underscore symbol is used to replace a space in this example but is purely for standardisation for this client. You do not need to use (_)

  • Price: This is the standard global price which can be adjusted on the next stage (see manage pricing option article below)

  • Friendly Name: This is the name the customers will see when purchasing an item.

  • GL Code: A string of alphanumeric characters assigned to an entry in the general ledger. E.G. GL Code 1010 could be the GL code for memberships.

  • Type: Choose 'POS'.


6. Enable 'Can be sold as extra' (Optional) if you want this pricing option to added to a ticket type on a Fast Ticket Activity Template:

  • Click on Manage Settings


  • On the General Tab, tick 'Can be sold as Extra' and click on Save.

7. Add a price on facility level if applicable. For example a fitness class at one facility may be cheaper than another.

A) From the centre drop-down, select the facility you wish to add a price to.


B) Click on Create New Price


C) Fill in the details (Price, Type, Time Bands, Dates etc.)


D) Repeat for other venues if needed.


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