How to create Usage types?


In this guide, we will show you how to create a new usage type. Usage types are useful for reporting purposes. It will allow you to view different types of usage across your estate. Common usage types might be Group Exercise (i.e. all classes) or Wet activities (i.e. all pool activities).


Step by Step Guide

1. From the home page, go to Pricing Options


2. Go to Usage Types


From here you can view existing Usage Types


3. To create a new Usage Type, click on Create on the bottom of the page

Enter the name you wish to give the new usage type and tick 'Only for Block bookings' if applicable and click on Create - If yes, this can only be used for block bookings, If No this can only be used for Ad Hoc, Fast Ticket and Classes) 


If creating usage for Ad Hoc, Fast Ticket, Classes or POS

4. Apply a Usage Type to a Pricing Option

A) From the Pricing Options module, go to Pricing Options


B) Select the Pricing Option you wish to add the Usage Type to and click on Manage



C) Click on the Usage Tab


E) Click on Create New Usage and select the Usage Type you wish to add, enter the amount of usages that should be created every time this pricing option is purchased and click Create





You can create multiple Usage Types for your pricing Options.


You can then pull out Usage Reports from the Reporting Tool 






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