Intro to Pricing & Adjustment Qualifications

This article covers pricing & adjustment qualifications for pricing options.


Price qualification

Multiple prices can be added to a pricing option. Individual prices can be given internal names, and be optionally restricted to members, non-members, by time band and within two dates. Prices are saved at a Global level, Setting Group level or for a specific facility.

When the price for an item is being calculated, each price is evaluated - taking into account the current time, location and customer - and prices that do not qualify are rejected:

  1. If a price has a time band or active dates set and the current time falls outside these times.
  2. If a price has been saved against a facility and the customer or activity is not at that facility.
  3. If a price has been saved against a setting group and the current facility is not in that group.
  4. If a price is restricted to members and the customer is anonymous or unknown.

After non-qualifying prices are rejected, if multiple prices qualify at different levels, then the most specific (by location) qualifying prices are carried through to the adjustment phase.



Adjustment qualification

Adjustments are discounts and overrides that can be applied to all qualifying prices, in order to apply specific off-peak or membership type discounts.

Like prices, multiple adjustments can be added at Global, Setting Group and Facility levels, but have more flexible qualification options.


Final price

When all the qualifying prices have been determined and all the qualifying adjustments have been made for each price, based on the available customer, membership(s), time and location information, the pricing option system will return the single best price determined for that customer. This will usually be the lowest available price, unless a “Price Override” adjustment has qualified, in which case the price after that adjustment will be used.

If no price could be determined at all (for example the customer is not a member and only member-restricted prices have been set) then the item or booking will not be available to purchase at all by the customer.


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