How to add a New Adjustment to a Pricing Option?


In this guide, we will show you how to create an adjustment for a pricing option.

For example, you may want to create a discounted pricing options for a certain time of the year when it's quieter such as a Summer discount or Christmas Special. Adjustments can only be applied to customers with active memberships.


Step by step guide

1. From the home page, go to the Pricing Options Module


2. Click on Pricing Options again


3. Select the Pricing Option you wish add an adjustment to and click on Manage



4. Click on the Adjustments tab and click on 'Create New Adjustment'.


5. Fill in the details accordingly and click on Create

- Apply to: select the desired setting group (Global, Regional...) or specific facility

- Name (Optional)

- Replace overlapping prices (tick/untick as appropriate)

- Type: % Discount, Fixed Amount, Fixed Discount, Price 


- Value: If you chose the type to be a fixed amount, you can enter a specific amount (i.e £2 discount) or if you chose the  % discount type you can select the % discount from the drop down (i.e 5%).

- Membership Group (Optional): You can apply to all memberships or only certain ones.

- Membership Type (Optional): You can apply to all memberships or only certain ones.

- Timeband (Optional): Peak or Off-Peak

- Home Centre Override (Optional)

- Active start date (Optional): Date you wish the price changes to take effect from

- Active end date (Optional): Date you wish the price changes to end

- Use this adjustment if the customer has a membership but is not at an eligible center in their membership: Tick/Untick as appropriate
- This option will only allow the adjustment to qualify once per purchase of the item using this adjustment. All adjustments which have this option selected share this rule: Tick/Untick as appropriate

N.B: If a customer has more than one membership and each membership offers a different discount for the same activity, the higher discount always wins EXCEPT when using the price override. The price override always wins even if a lesser discount.



It will then appear in the Adjustments tab. You can create as many as you want and edit or delete them when applicable



NB: If you wish to Add Adjustments to many pricing options at once, please refer to our Bulk Add Adjustments 



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