How to create a package pricing option?



This article will show you how to create a pricing option for packages. 

Package pricing options are available to be assigned to Packages created in the Promotions module, and represent the actual package being purchased, not the items redeemable as part of a package. 

Package pricing options are unique in that once assigned to a package, they cannot be assigned to another package.
=> One Package Pricing Option per Package available to purchase.

For example, you may want to offer 10 Zumba classes for the price of 8.

1 x zumba class cost £10. 10 x classes bought individually would be £100. Your package could offer 10 clases for £80.


*** You will need to complete this step before you create your package


Step by step guide

  1. From the Home Screen, select 'Pricing Option' Tab
  2. Select the 'Pricing Option' tab again
  3. Select 'Create New Pricing Option' on the top right of the page


  1. Fill in the fields for your Pricing Option and Click 'Create'
  • Reference: Unique reference to identify this pricing option. An underscore symbol is used to replace a space in this example but is purely for standardisation for this client. You do not need to use (_)

  • Price: This is the standard global price which can be adjusted on the next stage

  • Friendly Name: This is the name the customers will see when making the booking

  • GL Code: A string of alphanumeric characters assigned to an entry in the general ledger. E.G. GL Code 1003 could be the code for Ad hoc Booking income.

  • Type: Choose 'package' - learn about all the difference pricing type on this link Pricing Type


  1. Add a price Setting Group or Facility level if applicable. For example a fitness class at one facility may be cheaper than another.

    A) From the centre drop-down, select the setting group or facility you wish to add a price to.


    B) Click on Create New Price


    C) Fill in the details (Price, Type, Time Bands, Dates etc.)


    D) Repeat for other venues/groups if needed.


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