How to Redeem a Benefit via FOH?


In this guide, we will show you how to redeem a benefit via the Front of House dashboard. For example, some memberships include Free Towels, Free Lockers...These can all be redeemed at Front of House.

Before we start, make sure that you have created and applied the Benefit to the relevant Membership or Activity Pricing Option. Please refer to our Benefits article.


Step by Step Guide

Customer comes to the FOH team and mentions that their Membership includes a free bottle of water daily and they would like to redeem it.

1. From the home page, go to Front of House


2. Go to Dashboard


3. If you haven't already, you will need to Start a Machine

4. Search for the customer

POS Benefits

5. Click on the Quick Buttons tab to find the POS item the customer wants to redeem (this will vary depending on how you've set up your Quick Button Layout). For instance, if their membership includes a daily bottle of water. Quick on the Quick button/Folder to find the Water. In the example below, you would click on the Drinks Quick Button Folder, then the Water Quick Button.


6. If the customer changes their mind and do not wish to redeem the benefit at this time, the user can click 'Remove Benefit' (which will then the £0 price to the regular price). Otherwise, click Complete



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